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We’ve gathered the most helpful and relevant information to help you navigate through the coronavirus pandemic. 

This page contains resources from expert sources about public health guidelines, the latest vaccine information and ways to curb the spread of COVID-19. This resource list is updated weekly to ensure the newest information is here to help guide you through the pandemic. 

Vaccine Distribution and Case Tracking in Philly

Total Cases
Total Doses Administered
Partially Vaccinated
Fully Vaccinated
Total doses administered in Philadelphia county include people who may not live in the county; the numbers for partially and fully vaccinated only reflect residents of Philadelphia county.

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City of Philadelphia COVID-19 info

Important info for getting tested, becoming vaccinated and staying safe in Philly!

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Check out these guides for info on how to sign up for the vaccine in your area:


Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) dedicated COVID-19 section for the latest on coronavirus cases and deaths in the US, symptoms, testing information, things to know before your vaccine appointments and what you can safely do once you are vaccinated.

CDC's COVID-19 Page

What To Do With Your CDC Vaccination Card

After you get your coronavirus vaccine, it’s important to keep your CDC vaccination card, which you should receive from the organization that gave you your vaccine. Your vaccination card serves as your proof of vaccination as we continue through this pandemic.

Dear Pandemic, a group of medical workers and researchers who focus on spreading helpful COVID-19 information, suggests that vaccinated people take a picture of their vaccination card for their own records and also send their primary care doctor a copy of the card. 

Click here to read all of Dear Pandemic’s vaccination card tips.

Feeling a little nervous about getting your vaccine?

Try to remember that the vaccines are overwhelmingly safe and effective — and at this point, about 60% of the U.S. population is fully, and safely, vaccinated (that’s more than 198 million people!).

Check out Penn Medicine’s detailed guide to the types of vaccines available and how they work:

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