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Employees! Students! Get resources and info for your return to the City! Whether you need a checklist of leaving house or the latest safety requirements for public transport, Ready.Set.Philly! has your round trip covered.

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Mental Health Resources

Hey, we know things are getting better, but there are still plenty of questions many have dealing with overall wellness.

The City of Philadelphia and Independence Blue Cross has information about free mental health resources and programs. Regardless of zip code, insurance, or income, help and support is available! Check out the following resource for info and links. 

Please pass this on to someone who might make use of this info!

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Health Safety Report for Philly

Looking forward to a welcoming and safe return? 

Ready.Set.Philly! has the latest report with updates on your community including city services, public transit, and neighborhood cleanings.

Health Safety Report

Returning to Work with SEPTA

Returning to Work with PATCO

Kids and COVID-19: What You Should Know

For parents with children who are too young to get the vaccine, there's still a lot of uncertainty and confusion around what you should and shouldn't do. Check out these useful resources for the latest recommendations from the CDC:

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