PATCO is ready!

As riders begin their return to mass transit, PATCO remains committed to providing customers the peace of mind that their health and safety are a top priority.

Returning to Work with PATCO

PATCO offers tips and information for all riders. 

Visit PATCO's Coronavirus information page for a list of health and safety measures in an effort for everyone to remain healthy together. 

Check your FREEDOM Card balance

For riders who use the PATCO FREEDOM Card, if you are traveling on PATCO for the first time after a lengthy period of time, check the balance on your account. In addition, make sure your credit card that is on file is up to date. For PATCO FREEDOM Card information and assistance, please visit

Skip the middle cars

Train cars towards the middle typically have more riders. For more space, try boarding the first or last cars. If a car seems too crowded, relocate to another at the next station stop.

Travel with hand sanitizer

For our rider's convenience, hand sanitizer dispensers are available in PATCO stations.

Hover that FREEDOM Card

FREEDOM Cards were contactless before it was cool to be contactless. Cards can be read when they are held slightly above their readers. There is no need to touch!

Stay informed via text

Never miss a service update when you sign up for our travel text alerts. View the different alert categories available at