Ready. Set. Philly!

You’re ready, we’re set, let’s go!

Restoring our downtown economy and the vibrancy of Philadelphia so we can safely return to our workplaces and to all of the things we love about our city.

Ready.Set.Philly! is a collaborative return-to-work civic initiative between the City of Philadelphia, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber and a broad coalition of employers and organizations throughout the region who care deeply about Philadelphia.

We’re pooling the collective resources of leaders in city government and business to design the unified plan needed to help encourage and support people safely returning to Philadelphia for work and play.

Together, we’ve been through a lot this past year and together, we’ll get back, move forward and thrive.

Philadelphia deserves unity and hope after a year of immense struggle. As vaccinations rise and coronavirus cases drop, we’re optimistic that life will begin to feel safer, fuller and happier. We’re working on a range of efforts focused on reopening and relaunching our local economy, restoring our wellbeing and redefining Philadelphia post-pandemic.

Our hope for the future would not exist without the dedication of first responders and essential workers who held the world on their shoulders and worked to keep our city afloat as we faced the worst pandemic in modern history. We have the utmost respect and appreciation for those who continued day in and day out.

Who Are We?

Ready. Set. Philly! is here to help Philadelphia residents, employees and visitors safely get back to their city lives.

Learn about Ready. Set. Philly! and our mission.

Latest Public Health News


By following public health safety guidelines, we can inch closer and closer to the end of this pandemic. We’ve compiled a list of reliable sources for the latest on COVID vaccine availability, coronavirus updates in the tri-state area, public health guidance, safety guidelines and more.

Philadelphia Is Here For You

After a year of hardship and loss, Philly’s still Philly. Restaurants, museums and attractions have made it through the past year-plus by hosting online events, offering innovative dining options and, ultimately, coming together to support the community.

Read more about the good things happening in Philly during these incredibly tough days. 

Resources for Returning to the Office

Reopening Guidance

The City of Philadelphia has released official guidance for office buildings to follow when planning their reopening. The guidance details the safety precautions that offices must follow to allow for employees to return to work.

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Text COVIDPHL to 888-777 to receive the latest Philadelphia coronavirus information — vaccine information, risk level, cases, and more — via text message.

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